The Body Shop Must Have Item!


The Body Shop has some of my favorite items and if you haven’t tried any now is your chance because they are currently having a 40% off site wide sale! Today I wanted to talk to you about my 3 favorite skincare items from the Tea Tree Oil line that I have been absolutely loving for the past month.

These three items are an absolute must have if you suffer with acne or acne scarring. I heard good things about tea tree oil so I decided to try it out and it is AMAZING! In just three days red marks from acne will begin to fade and any blemishes will go away. The products are nondrying and do not irritate sensitive skin. Tea tree oil definitely has a unique smell but you get used to it and it’s honestly worth it.

To be more specific, tea tree oil is supposed to be a healing agent with antibacterial properties and is meant for any skin type.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash



Tea Tree Oil



Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes


I will definitely be making some purchases during this sale to get a larger size of the oil since I started with a mini one, and another package of the cleansing wipes because these are a life savor when traveling. If you have acne prone skin I highly recommend you try out these products especially while you can get them for less than $10 each with the current sale!



4 thoughts on “The Body Shop Must Have Item!

  1. I find tea tree products drying. It’s great when you have acne problems but after zits are gone, I’d switch to something else. Great milder range is seaweed which is also for bit problematic skin. Great post! 👍 😊

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