Tips for Dealing With Stress

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have been absent for the some time once again. I have been so swamped with exams that I have not had the time nor the energy to post on my blog. I was thinking about what I should post and I figured why not post my little tips that help me get through my stressful days, especially while in school. I hope some of you can relate and can find this post helpful. Always remember that the stress won’t last forever and better days are ahead ūüôā


  1. Get some sleep: Sleep is so important especially when you’re stressed. I find the less sleep I get the more stressed and irritable I become. Even if it’s just closing your eyes for 10 minutes I find it really helps me calm down and get a little bit of energy to keep going.


  1. Exercise:¬†Exercising is known to be great for releasing tension. Whether it’s yoga, running, lifting weights, etc. just get the body moving and you are sure to feel better. Zumba is also a great stress reliever, go dance your heart out for an hour!


  1. Make time for fun:¬†Even if you have a million of things to do make some time for fun activities. If it’s the weekend, go out for a drink with your friends or go to the movies, a football game, etc. Getting out and being social for a little bit will totally help you feel better.


  1. Relax before bed:¬†This is something I do every night whether I’m stressed or not. Every night I have a set time where I stop doing any of my work and just read blogs, watch youtube videos, read articles on my favorite sites like Cosmopolitan and Popsugar, read a book, watch Netflix, scroll through Instagram etc. I think it is really important to give yourself a break/reward before getting some sleep that way you aren’t going to bed worrying and stressed.


  1. Treat yourself:¬†In my opinion this is the most important. Whenever it’s exam time I treat myself to a glass of wine at the end of the day, sweet treats I wouldn’t normally eat, get take out, get some fancy coffee, and¬†lastly I buy myself something small like a new lipstick or nail polish for my hard work.


Stress always comes and goes and it’s important to take care of yourself during the hard times to stay healthy. I find these 5 tips to be really helpful and I always think of them when I feel the stress coming on. Comment below your favorite tips for dealing with stress!

College Football Game Day Essentials

football stadium

One of the best times of the year is back this week! I was never big on football until I came to a Big 10 school and now I am obsessed with football. Nothing brings joy like College Football Game Days! Campus vibes are through the roof and there is no experience that can compare to campus and being in the stadium. Now that I’m on my fourth year, I have compiled my essentials to being prepared for game day.

Gear: If your college is big on football and you do not have an endless supply of gear you are doing something wrong. Half of my closet is full of my college shirts, shorts, pants, accessories, everything you can think of. It is very important to be prepared for game day no matter what the weather is.

Food and Booze Money:¬†What’s game day without food and booze? After standing for four hours at a game you are bound to be absolutely starving by the end. Make sure to have some cash or a credit/debit card for some food.

Long Wearing Makeup:¬†Whether it’s summer, fall, or winter game days are long as hell. Make sure to get the best long wearing makeup to ensure a flawless look throughout the entire day. I also try to bring along some concealer for touchups.

Portable Phone Charger or Charging Case:¬†This is such an essential. Between tailgating, battery draining stadium time, and hitting the bars afterwards there is no way your phone is going to last. Bring along some type of charging device to make sure you’re good to go the entire day.

Comfortable Shoes, Preferably Sneakers: Like stated above, game days are long ass days. Standing on the bleachers for hours can be brutal on your feet, legs, back, ect. Get some cute comfortable sneakers to match your schools colors. My go-to are Nike sneakers.

A Happy Attitude: No one wants to deal with a cranky person on game day. Make sure to get a great night of sleep the night before and bring your best attitude. Having a happy, positive attitude will make game days so much more fun even through dealing with all the drunkies.


Back to School: Desk Essentials


It’s that time of year again- back t0 school! I actually don’t hate this time of year and I especially love the adorable stationary/desk items that come into stores. If any of you are college students like me than you are heading back to college and getting ready to start classes within the next week or so. I recently just moved back into my apartment and set up my desk (pictured above) and I thought I would share my top essentials.

Planner: Planners are a must in my mind. I got my adorable planner from Bloom Daily Planner and it keeps my life together throughout the semester. I also got a gold monogram sticker from Etsy to personalize it a bit.

Journal: Journals are great to have around for any random thoughts that come up or for something specific. For me, my journal is all of my grad school notes. It keeps all of my important information together and easy to find.

Motivational Signs:¬†I love the cute wooden signs with sayings that keep me going while I’m working. T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods all sell these types of signs. The two on my desk say “never, never, NEVER give up” and “behind every successful student is a substantial amount of coffee.” I also have other inspirational signs around my room. I find it helps in moments of stress to see something that puts a smile on my face.

Highlighers: Highlighters or even colored pens are my favorite. I typically color code my notes and planner so my highlighters go everywhere with me. I also use them while doing textbook reading for class. It is probably the most basic but essential back to school item.

Sticky Notes and Page Flags: These are my absolute favorite to buy. Target dollar section the absolute best items. I have list type paper pads, sticky notes, and page flags all with adorable patterns. I use them for typical things like shopping lists, to do lists, reminders, ect. I also have the basic post it page flags in various colors that match my highlights to use in my planner. I am thinking about doing a post explaining how I organize and color code my planner.

Let me know if you would like to see any other school/college related posts now that summer is over and I’m getting back into the swing of things to finish out my final year of college!

College Packing Tips

It’s that time of year again! The summer always comes and goes in just a blink of an eye and before I know it I’m starting to pack up all my stuff again. Sometimes I have things that never even get unpacked it’s crazy. I love being a college student and living on my own but packing up all my stuff is the absolute worst!! Now that I’m going on my fourth year I’ve got this whole packing thing down pretty good. Keep reading to find out my tips for packing success ūüôā

Start At Least One Week Before Departure Date

If you are going to listen to any of these tips this is definitely the one to try out! It may seem almost impossible to pack a week before leaving because what are you supposed to wear and use the entire next week but trust me it all works out. I like starting 1-2 weeks before leaving because I do not have the patience or motivation to pack everything in one day. I typically pack in chunks and go in order of things I’m going to need the least for the remaining time home. Packing early also allows time to realize what you’re missing from ¬†and go to the store to get it.

Get Your School Supplies

College isn’t all about the parties and football games even though that would be awesome. I highly recommend getting all of your school supplies for the new set of classes before actually leaving. Otherwise, it becomes easy to get caught up in moving in, getting settled, seeing your friends or meeting new friends that the first day of class comes and you are left without books, pens, or even a backpack. Also 100% recommend getting a planner in advance as well because I just don’t know how people can do college without one.

Only Bring Your Favorite Clothes/Most Versatile 

This is one tip that I am still working on getting right myself. I am really hoping that the fourth year is the charm. Try to minimize the amount of clothing you bring and only bring your favorite clothes; anything else you honestly will never wear. If you are not totally in love with it then leave it home to wear during breaks or visits home. Finding and bringing versatile clothes has been such a great tip I learned last year. You can do so much with a bunch of different solid colored tops and cute flannels and sweaters. It also helps having tops that aren’t too summery or too wintery because when you’re tight on space and the weather keeps changing it’ll be nice to have all of your clothes in your dorm or apartment.

Go Shopping Before Leaving and Restock Items

I love going shopping for any essentials or restocking items before heading back to school. I always make sure to get backups of all my favorite makeup products because it makes it so much easier than having to order online or find a ride to the store. I also¬†make sure to get certain ¬†beauty items that I know I won’t be able to find near school such as my favorite dry shampoo and exfoliator that is so much cheaper at TJ Maxx than anywhere else.

Get A Suitcase And A Duffle

My large lightweight suitcase is an absolute must have at school¬†especially since I go to school far away and have to fly back and forth for breaks. I have a super large suitcase that is a feather weight at about 4 pounds so it fits everything. I found it at TJ Maxx for less than $100 and it’s also a bright purple color making it easy to spot at baggage claim. It fits a ton of clothes and is never overweight. I also highly recommend bringing a duffle or weekender bag. You never know when you’re going to take a weekend trip or head over to a friends house so it’s nice to have a small but big bag to pack your stuff. I love my Vera Bradley weekender bag as well as the large duffle!

Those are my top 5 tips for college packing! I hope some of you find these tips helpful while getting ready to pack for college ūüôā Don’t forget to enjoy the time with family before heading back and prepare yourself for a great semester ahead full of lots of coffee.¬†



Preparing For The GRE


The topic of this post is a little different from what I have recently been posting about. However, I want to include parts of my life in my blog and I am currently suffering through GRE prep. My test in coming up in just 2 short weeks and I have been prepping for the past 3 months. The GRE is known as the Graduate Record Exam and¬†is needed to apply for Graduate School just like you need the SAT/ACT to apply for Undergraduate programs.¬†My goal is to get a Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology ūüôā Below are some tips to help succeed in this test.

1. Buy a Test Prep Book


Test prep books are key to beginning any preparation. My book recommendation is Kaplan GRE Premier. I found it to be very helpful in going through each section of the test and what types of questions the test contains. Kaplan also has a list of words in the back of the book that are most common on the GRE. You also get access to their app which gives an even larger list of vocab words. It was definitely helpful to read through each of the topics and get a good general idea but I would not rely only on this.

2. Get a Tutor


If you’re like me than standardized tests are not your calling. If that’s the case, I highly recommend getting a tutor. You can hire someone you know, find someone online, or go through a company. I decided to use Varsity Tutors. It was a bit costly but I got a lot of hours worth of tutoring along with an online program. My tutoring is based online. I use Varsity Tutors online program which allows me to video chat with a highly qualified tutor, have access to tons of practice questions, a whiteboard for both myself and my tutor to write and explain, along with a screen share option for me to be able to share practice tests ¬†or questions that I want to go over. I have found this to be such a successful option and am glad I invested in it. The test is pretty costly so I want to be able to achieve my goal score on the first time around.

3. Study Vocabulary A LOT

The vocabulary words on the GRE are very complex. I honestly have never seen most of the terms that I now need to be able to use to complete sentences. I made flashcards with the top 150 most common words. I also downloaded the Kaplan app with 500 flashcards, along with creating a quizlet list of words. This allows me to study from actual flashcards along with virtual flashcards which is great for on the go (especially on a beach day, no one wants to see you with over 100 flashcards during the summer). Another tip to help with vocab is reading¬†the New York Times online. I suggest online because the test is computerized. Reading NYT articles helps with both the reading comp and the vocab. There are complex vocab used in text that you can look up the meaning of and get a better understanding of how to use the word. The article topics are also similar to the ones given in the reading comp section. They aren’t always the most interesting but it is important to still stay focused and be able to identify main ideas/arguments.

4. Do Your Research


Identify what you want to pursue a master’s degree in and then research schools that offer that¬†program. Then, narrow that list down to the states you want to study in. Then, look up their requirements. Many times the program sites will list minimum or average GPA and GRE score that they expect to see from future students. If you are below the scores by a lot then it is not worth paying the application fee and paying to send your GRE scores. Applying the Graduate school is costly and most programs are small and competitive. However, if you’re only off by a little or in only one of the two it still might be worth applying. Either way, it is important to get an idea of schools you might like and identify your goal GRE score.

5. Most Importantly, Believe in Yourself

fav school quote.png

This is my absolute favorite quote that I always reference. Always have confidence in your ability to do well. If you are considering furthering your education than you are more than capable of doing it. If it is the path that is meant to be than it will happen. Not every school and every program expects top scores on a single test. Don;t let numbers knock you down. There are many other factors that contribute to making you an awesome person and admissions people will be able to see that. So believe in yourself and kick some ass on this test.


Best of luck to anyone in the same position as I am. I hope this post was able to give you a little bit of help!

Bloom Daily Planner 2016-2017

My planner is my life and I love using planners to keep my life organized. Right now I am using an Erin Condren Life Planner and really do love it. However, I was not totally loving the vertical layout and also wasn’t a fan of how the EC horizontal layout looked. So I went online and came across an awesome company Bloom Daily Planners.


The size of this planner is nice and small while still giving me everything I need on the inside. They have over 20 different styles so I was able to pick one out that fit my personality and makes me happy to look at. I wish it was August so I could start using it already!

planner 3planner 4planner 5

The planner is set up for perfect organization all year long. On the inside of the front and back cover you have built in pockets for any important papers , sticky notes, planner stickers, ect. Then, you have a goals for the year page and each box has a different category so you can set yourself up for the best year. My favorite part are the address pages. I haven’t had a planner with this included but I think it is awesome especially while at college and having siblings who all live in their own places. It’s nice to have everyones addresses right in one spot for when I have to mail something. Next, there are a couple of things to do checklists. This is great and can be used in many different ways. I don’t think I will use it for an everyday list since I buy almost every set of paper notes from the Target $1 section(I have an obsession with them). However, I might use it for my semester of classes and make a list of the assignments and tests that I will have for the semester so its all on one page.

planner 6planner 7

Now here is what your typical month and week look like. On the monthly spread, I love how there’s a cute little quote of the month on the top. It also has monthly goals on the side. I ¬†like to set goals for myself whether it’s what grades I want to get on those monthly assignments, how many times I want to work out, or maybe an adventure I want to take at some point in the month. The boxes are also a pretty decent size to write any important things in there as well. The weekly spread gives plenty of room for each day. I love how Saturday and Sunday are only just a few lines shorter than the rest of the days. Most planners I find usually make Saturday and Sunday very small but I tend to do a lot over the weekends so the space here is perfect.

planner 8

Lastly, right in the middle of the planner at the beginning of January 2017 is a two page reflection spread. This is nice if you are someone who likes to reflect on things that happened in the previous year and what you would like to do for the following year.

Overall I give this planner a 5/5. I have not started using it yet but I think it is going to be a perfect planner. The cover design is so pretty and vibrant making it fun to pull out your planner. The cost is only $14.95 which is pretty cheap compared to the Erin Condren one(even when I got it on sale for $30). I also love all the little thought out details on the inside. Be sure to check out these planners if you’re looking for a new one!