Tips for Dealing With Stress

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have been absent for the some time once again. I have been so swamped with exams that I have not had the time nor the energy to post on my blog. I was thinking about what I should post and I figured why not post my little tips that help me get through my stressful days, especially while in school. I hope some of you can relate and can find this post helpful. Always remember that the stress won’t last forever and better days are ahead 🙂


  1. Get some sleep: Sleep is so important especially when you’re stressed. I find the less sleep I get the more stressed and irritable I become. Even if it’s just closing your eyes for 10 minutes I find it really helps me calm down and get a little bit of energy to keep going.


  1. Exercise: Exercising is known to be great for releasing tension. Whether it’s yoga, running, lifting weights, etc. just get the body moving and you are sure to feel better. Zumba is also a great stress reliever, go dance your heart out for an hour!


  1. Make time for fun: Even if you have a million of things to do make some time for fun activities. If it’s the weekend, go out for a drink with your friends or go to the movies, a football game, etc. Getting out and being social for a little bit will totally help you feel better.


  1. Relax before bed: This is something I do every night whether I’m stressed or not. Every night I have a set time where I stop doing any of my work and just read blogs, watch youtube videos, read articles on my favorite sites like Cosmopolitan and Popsugar, read a book, watch Netflix, scroll through Instagram etc. I think it is really important to give yourself a break/reward before getting some sleep that way you aren’t going to bed worrying and stressed.


  1. Treat yourself: In my opinion this is the most important. Whenever it’s exam time I treat myself to a glass of wine at the end of the day, sweet treats I wouldn’t normally eat, get take out, get some fancy coffee, and lastly I buy myself something small like a new lipstick or nail polish for my hard work.


Stress always comes and goes and it’s important to take care of yourself during the hard times to stay healthy. I find these 5 tips to be really helpful and I always think of them when I feel the stress coming on. Comment below your favorite tips for dealing with stress!

Sweater Weather Fall Tag


Since I have been 100% loving fall I thought I would do this fun sweater weather fall tag! Feel free to copy and paste the questions and share your fall favorites!

  1. Favorite Candle Scent? 

    My favorite fall candle scent is definitely Pecan Pumpkin Waffle from Bath and Body Works!

  2. Coffee,Tea, or Hot Chocolate?

    I always love my coffee first thing in the morning but in the fall I love ending my day with my candle burning and nice cup of hot chocolate.

  3. What is the best fall memory you have? 

    My favorite fall memories are football game days at my college.

  4. Best fragrance for fall?

    The only fragrance I change up is my Glad or Febrez spray and I will usually do pumpkin or apple cinnamon type of scents.

  5. Favorite Thanksgiving food? 

    I absolutely love some butternut squash soup, turkey and gravy, and sweet potato with marshmallows!

  6. What is Autumn weather like where you live? 

    Autumn in Ohio is beautiful. Some days are colder than others but when the sun is shining it’s gorgeous outside.

  7. Most worn sweater?

    A light brown sweater from Hollister that is also a long sweater. I find it goes with anything and is so comfy!

  8. Football games or jumping in a pile of leaves? 

    100% football games. There is nothing better than a gorgeous fall day and being outside watching football

  9. Skinny jeans or leggings?

    Leggings. I typically will wear skinny jeans mainly to go out. My go to outfit is leggings, a solid shirt, a sweater or flannel, and Keds or Sperry’s

  10. Combat boots or Uggs?

    Booties/Combat Boots are my favorite for fall. I have definitely grown out of Uggs. The only ones I still have are slippers that I wear around my apartment.

  11. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? 

    In my opinion, it’s not. I’m not a huge pumpkin person I normally go for all of the Salted Carmel flavors.

  12. Favorite fall TV show? 

    The shows I am currently watching that I love are Greys Anatomy, Speechless, and Modern Family

  13. What song really gets you into the fall spirit? 

    I honestly don’t have one. I love listening to country music

  14. What do you want to be for Halloween? 

    That is a great question and one that I am currently starting to figure out. If anyone has any good ideas I would love to hear them in the comment section below 🙂

  15. Hats or scarves?

    Scarves, except when it’s really cold then I’ll do a beanie and scarf.

  16. What is your #1 favorite thing about fall? 

    I love fall fashion. I think the colors are so pretty and the styles. I love wearing sweaters and flannels.

College Packing Tips

It’s that time of year again! The summer always comes and goes in just a blink of an eye and before I know it I’m starting to pack up all my stuff again. Sometimes I have things that never even get unpacked it’s crazy. I love being a college student and living on my own but packing up all my stuff is the absolute worst!! Now that I’m going on my fourth year I’ve got this whole packing thing down pretty good. Keep reading to find out my tips for packing success 🙂

Start At Least One Week Before Departure Date

If you are going to listen to any of these tips this is definitely the one to try out! It may seem almost impossible to pack a week before leaving because what are you supposed to wear and use the entire next week but trust me it all works out. I like starting 1-2 weeks before leaving because I do not have the patience or motivation to pack everything in one day. I typically pack in chunks and go in order of things I’m going to need the least for the remaining time home. Packing early also allows time to realize what you’re missing from  and go to the store to get it.

Get Your School Supplies

College isn’t all about the parties and football games even though that would be awesome. I highly recommend getting all of your school supplies for the new set of classes before actually leaving. Otherwise, it becomes easy to get caught up in moving in, getting settled, seeing your friends or meeting new friends that the first day of class comes and you are left without books, pens, or even a backpack. Also 100% recommend getting a planner in advance as well because I just don’t know how people can do college without one.

Only Bring Your Favorite Clothes/Most Versatile 

This is one tip that I am still working on getting right myself. I am really hoping that the fourth year is the charm. Try to minimize the amount of clothing you bring and only bring your favorite clothes; anything else you honestly will never wear. If you are not totally in love with it then leave it home to wear during breaks or visits home. Finding and bringing versatile clothes has been such a great tip I learned last year. You can do so much with a bunch of different solid colored tops and cute flannels and sweaters. It also helps having tops that aren’t too summery or too wintery because when you’re tight on space and the weather keeps changing it’ll be nice to have all of your clothes in your dorm or apartment.

Go Shopping Before Leaving and Restock Items

I love going shopping for any essentials or restocking items before heading back to school. I always make sure to get backups of all my favorite makeup products because it makes it so much easier than having to order online or find a ride to the store. I also make sure to get certain  beauty items that I know I won’t be able to find near school such as my favorite dry shampoo and exfoliator that is so much cheaper at TJ Maxx than anywhere else.

Get A Suitcase And A Duffle

My large lightweight suitcase is an absolute must have at school especially since I go to school far away and have to fly back and forth for breaks. I have a super large suitcase that is a feather weight at about 4 pounds so it fits everything. I found it at TJ Maxx for less than $100 and it’s also a bright purple color making it easy to spot at baggage claim. It fits a ton of clothes and is never overweight. I also highly recommend bringing a duffle or weekender bag. You never know when you’re going to take a weekend trip or head over to a friends house so it’s nice to have a small but big bag to pack your stuff. I love my Vera Bradley weekender bag as well as the large duffle!

Those are my top 5 tips for college packing! I hope some of you find these tips helpful while getting ready to pack for college 🙂 Don’t forget to enjoy the time with family before heading back and prepare yourself for a great semester ahead full of lots of coffee. 



My Liebster Award!

liebster award

WOW! This award came as such a surprise and has brought me so much excitement!  It was in the middle of June when I decided to write my first blog post. I remember I wanted to start this blog to just share everything on my mind especially about beauty. I love reading and watching on Youtube what other people think of products and I also have a lot to say so why not share it with people. I had absolutely no idea this award existed until I started seeing it in posts. I had never imagined someone actually nominating me! Thank you so much Glits and Glamz for nominating me, it means so much. You guys should definitely go check out her blog because she is one of my favorite beauty bloggers to read reviews from and get ideas about new products. My favorite post is her DIY rose water spray that I am dying to recreate!!


It’s an award to bloggers from bloggers, pretty cool, it was started in 2011 and is basically a way to get to know new bloggers, grow your audience, and make new friends.


Thank the person who nominated you and a post a link to their blog, don’t forget to introduce the person you’ve nominated to your readers
Display the award on your blog. Either add the picture to your post or add it as a widget on your site
Give 10 random facts about yourself.
Nominate 5-10 blogs you admire and have under 200 followers.
Post your answers of the questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
List these rules in your post.
Ask your nominees 10 questions after tagging them in the post.


  1. I attend The Ohio State University
  2. I hope to become a Speech Language Pathologist one day
  3. I am obsessed with organization and stationary items
  4. I have 2 dogs
  5. I love traveling or taking mini adventures
  6. I love to ski
  7. Huge book nerd
  8. Pizza for days
  9. In love with children and hope to work with them in the future
  10. A bit of a Shopaholic


What’s your favorite place to vacation? South Carolina or Mexico
What’s one place you want to visit the most? Nashville!
Who’s your most favorite youtuber? RachhLoves: she is super fun in her videos and does a great mix of drugstore and high end products
Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate without a doubt
What’s one thing you love about yourself the most? My motivation/drive: The second I have a goal I will not stop working towards it with all I have until the goal has been reached.
What’s one thing you hate about yourself the most? I don’t hate anything about myself 🙂 Every trait can have a positive and negative aspect to it, however, we should acknowledge and focus on the positives of every trait which make us unique.
How do you motivate yourself? I’m usually pretty motivated on my own. However, I also like to plan something special for when I reach something. Whether it’s going out to get my favorite smoothie after taking an exam I was studying like crazy for or making a splurge purchase after a semester or all A’s. I think it’s important to treat yourself and reward yourself for your hard work.
Dogs or cats? Dogs 🙂 I’m actually allergic to cats.
Are you going in the direction of your dreams? I am very happy to say that I am. I am currently very close to college graduation, about to take my GRE to start applying to grad school, and will hopefully get into my program at a graduate school to bring me one step closer to my dream.
What makes you wanna blog? The world of beauty and fashion. I find it so fun and always changing. There are always new favorites, new products, new brands and I always find myself wanting to talk about them. This blog has become a great outlet to take my mind off of school and be able to talk about things I absolutely love.


Lipstick and Lattes: This is a blog written by two lovely ladies. They post about all things wedding, DIY, travel, beauty, and pretty much anything else you would love to see. I love the pictures they take to add to the blog.

Beauty and Style Goodness: Love the beauty posts this blog has to offer. I look forward to seeing more posts 🙂 You can find posts like summer morning routine, product favorites, and how to clean your makeup brushes.

Lipstick and Margaritas: This girl loves makeup and shopping probably just as much as I do. I love all of her beauty posts and how organized they are on her site!

GlamGranStyle: This southern beauty has got it going on! She is gorgeous and I seriously wish I could do winged liner like her.

Beauty Love Life and Style: This beauty blog has a theme of posts focused on Top Three, Trend Alert,Essentials, and more. This blog is so fun to read and love seeing what she has to say!



  1. Where is your favorite place to shop?
  2. Beach or adventure trip?
  3. What is your favorite TV Show (on TV or on Netflix)?
  4. Youtube or Blogs ?
  5. What is your favorite thing to do to relax?
  6. Coffee or Tea?
  7. Holy grail makeup item at the moment?
  8. Favorite snack?
  9. Favorite Season?
  10. Why did you start your blog?

Thanks so much for checking out this blog. I am very thankful to have someone recognize my blog and nominate me for this award. ❤ Be sure to check out and follow my instagram ‘anendlessweekendblog’!

Get To Know Me- Beauty Blogger Tag

beauty blogger tag.png

I piled together some of my favorite questions from previous beauty blogger tags to help get to know me better! I love reading what other people say and how other people relate in terms of beauty. Hope you enjoy!

1. Why did you start blogging? Why beauty? I started blogging because I have found such a love for beauty and fashion and just reading blogs in general. I always tell my mom and sisters the latest makeup and tips and thought it would be fun to share with a larger audience. I have been focusing on beauty a lot because it has been a recent obsession of mine and something I just really enjoy.

2. Messy hair & nice makeup or nice hair and no makeup? Definitely nice hair and messy hair. My hair is naturally straight so I typically don’t do anything to my hair anyways.

3. Worst beauty habit? Picking at my lips when I’m nervous or stressed. My lips get super chapped so it’s easy to pick at them especially during exam time at school.

4. Do you leave getting ready to the last minute? Not at all! I’m always excited to do a full face of makeup and do it way sooner than I need to so I can enjoy it.

5. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly? As of now I wash my makeup brushes about once a month. I know it’s important to wash them on a more regular basis and I am trying to do that but sometimes I just forget and than it’s too late in the day for me to do them and they be dried by the next day.

6. Favorite makeup items? Eyeshadows and Lipstick. For whatever reason these are the two things I am always wanting to buy both drugstore and high end.

7. Do you do your makeup so it matches your outfit? I try to do just a little touch that matches my outfit. Such as browns or grays. If I’m wearing a color that I have a matching shadow to I’ll typically do a subtle look with those colors such as a maroon color in the crease.

8. How do you keep up to date on new items? Youtube videos and blogs. Youtube is my main source for keeping up with the latest items, the hottest items, and the items not worth the money.

9. Favorite Youtubers? Tati (GlamLifeGuru) and RachhLoves. They do videos on both drugstore and high end and I have found that I have the most similar opinions to them. I trust everything they say/recommend!

10. Favorite high end brand? Urban Decay and Too Faced. I know that whatever I buy from these brands are going to be top favs. I haven’t found anything from either brand that has really disappointed me.

11. Favorite drugstore brand? This is a tough one. I think it depends on the items because all the different brands have their hits and misses. If I had to narrow it down to two I think I would say Rimmel and Maybelline.

12. Face makeup or eye makeup? Eye makeup. I can go days without doing my face makeup if my skin is looking good but I love having eye makeup on.

13. If you could leave the house using just one make up item,what would you use? Eyeliner on the waterline for sure. For some reason I feel like it just makes me seem more awake.

14. Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes? Yes! I use smash box photo finish primer for the face and the Urban decay original primer potion for the eyes. I can never do my makeup without priming first.

15. What do you think of fake eyelashes? I’m not a fan only because I have super long eyelashes and have never needed them. The one time I wore them they really irritated me.

16. What is your go-to piece of jewelry? My simple circular pandora necklace from my boyfriend or my monogram necklace from my parents.

17. Go-to nail color? Any shade of pink

18. Would you rather have to wear the same outfit or the same makeup everyday? Same makeup. Most days I have my favorite makeup look to wear anyways. I am a big fashionista and don’t like wearing the same clothes a million times.

19. One makeup skill you think you haven’t mastered yet? Winged liner. Ugh I try so often but so far it has been unsuccessful. I hope I will figure it out eventually because I loved the look when a makeup artist did it on me.

20. What is your skincare routine? I wash and moisturize my face every night and typically change up the products but typically items from the drugstore. I clean my face every morning with micellar water. My favorites are by Simple and Garnier. I then apply a daily moisturizer by Formula 10.0.6 that contains sunscreen every morning before applying any makeup. Lastly, I like to do a face mask about once a week!

21. What are you most looking forward to this month? Going back to college for my last year of undergrad and becoming an auntie! At the end of this month I head back to school for my senior year which is such a bitter sweet feeling. I am so excited to get back to campus though and for college football games to be back. My sister is also having a baby at the end of the month and I am finally becoming an aunt which is super exciting. So many changes coming up in my life but I am very excited for them all and hope to share some of those moments in my blog 🙂

Top 5 Places To Shop On A Budget

bargain shopping

Being a college gal I like to get the most for my money. I am a huge bargain shopper; I rarely buy things that are full price. I also tend to shop way more than I should so my bank account thanks me for smart shopping. I love finding all the best deals at my favorite stores and always want to share my deals with everyone. Obviously the best time to shop is during any holiday when clearance racks and discounts are off the charts. However, these top 5 stores that I wanted to share are ones that consistently have sales, discounts, coupons, markdowns, ect. Hope you enjoy and maybe get to add a few more stores to your next shopping trip:)

1. T.J. Maxx

T.J. Maxx is probably my absolute favorite. I get pretty much anything you can think of at this store. Clothing, shoes, beauty items, bags, travel items, kitchen gadgets, home decor, stationary, electronic accessories, ect. They have such unique items in every department at reasonable prices. Three of my favorite recent purchases from here have been a pair of Sperry sneakers for $25, Bare Minerals lip gloss for $3, and a Michael Kors computer case for $15. You can’t beat those prices for such great products/companies. If you haven’t gone to this store you 100% need to find the nearest one and get there ASAP.

2. Marshalls

Marshalls is another top favorite for clothing. This is just like T.J. Maxx with unique items marked at great prices. I also really enjoy the fact that they are always bringing out new items. You can go once a week and always find something new that you love. I personally shop in their junior section along with the active section and pajamas. My favorite brand within the juniors department is ‘Pink Rose’. I find such cute, comfortable and affordable options to add to my closet.

3. Macy’s

Everyone knows about the great department store Macy’s. It is one of those stores that is all over and are known for selling top name brands. Many of their items are crazy expensive, however, they always have clearance racks/tables along with coupons such as 20% off your purchase. I have learned over time that the best time to shop those clearance racks and tables is right when the store opens. The store is usually not too busy and everything is still neat and organized. Macy’s also does One Day Sales along with the Family and Friends Sale which allows you to use a coupon on any designer brand. I just hit their most recent one day sale which included 75% off clearance priced shoes. I got $90 shoes for only $17 it’s such a steal.

4. Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe has totally redone their brand. It is very different from how it used to be years ago and I love it. Some of their items are in the $20-$25 range but they have a lot of sales at random times. Those sales include all tops at a set price, buy one get one 50%, all dresses for a set price, happy hour specials, ect. They also have round clearance racks of $5, $10, and $15. They have so many different types of promotions and clearance items that it is easy to find items you love for a great price. My favorite part about this store is how it is organized into sections. When you walk in typically one side will be your everyday tops, the other side will be evening/fancy wear, the middle will be clearance and dresses, and the back has shoes, accessories, and graphic tops/hangout clothes. This makes it especially easy if you are on a time limit along with a spending limit.

5. American Eagle

American Eagle is a great store and you can find items for really great prices but only if you go at the right time. I tend to do the best online or in their outlet stores. The clearance items are usually cheaper there. I also always keep an eye out for additional 50 or 60% clearance items. There are also times when there is 40% off the entire store. The rewards card is another great thing. I get a lot of coupons in the mail for money off which is always great. My favorite part of shopping at this store is I tend to find items that become my absolute favorite for at least 2-3 years. They wash and wear so well and really fit my body and style.


I’d love to hear what stores you find the best deals at!